(image: Natasha Tastachova)

Why me?

You came to Amsterdam. You wanna be an Amsterdammer amongst the locals. So you buy a bike. And you do biertjes and bitterballen in the kroeg. And you come to me to learn to speak the speech.
But not only that.
Since I’m Always Talkin’ Food, I’ll teach you many other things that’ll make you slide into your new Dutch life like a knife into a pile of butter. Be it the address for glorious duck nuggets, the best vegan croissant in town, or some indispensable Dutch culinary terms (AKA Food lingo).
Go where Amsterdammers go, eat what Amsterdammers eat, speak as Amsterdammers do.
Curated by Marjan Ippel - food writer by day, Dutch language teacher by night.
Text & pictures: © Marjan Ippel

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